Hermes Careers

A new recruitment site to increase business awareness and job applicants.
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Project Requirements

Hermes required a new careers website to give potential candidates insight into the business along with the ability for them to easily track and apply for new opportunites online.

The website required a strong SEO presence, fully featured blog and responsive design.

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Locations Map

A primary requirement of the app was to include an interactive map so that applicants can easily find new roles via thier location.

The map was built with Google Maps API along with a Node.JS backend to provide accurate location descriptions.

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Technology Stack

The website was built via various different components on the front end following strict design and accessibility guidelines.

  • Angular 2
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Google Maps API
  • SCSS
  • Jasmine

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Performance & Accessibility

Prior to the project start I created a performance budget with the idea to limit the ammount of resources loaded on the page, the budget was met and achieved a final performance score of B+.

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