Building the new XCover.com platform to allow customers to purchase insurance with ease.
Product Analysis Homepage

Insurance Platform

The Xcover website was built from the ground up using React, Styled-Components, React Router and Reactstrap.

The website has two main focus areas, the first to allow partners to easily integrate with our API's for booking insurance policys.

The second is a fully functioning frontend to allow customers to get a quote and purchase / manage their insurance policy directly.

Xcover Quote And Bind

Quote & Bind

Allowing customers to enter product and personal details to be then presented with a personalised quote offer.

The quote flow questions were provided via a back-end REST API with enhanced form validation and logic based on country code and region.

Product Analysis Technology

Technology Stack

The site was built on a modern technology stack, using React 16 (Hooks) alongisde Redux, Amazon Cognito for user authentication and Styled Components.

  • React 16 & Redux
  • Jest & Enzyme
  • Styled Components
  • Reactstrap
  • Django
  • Sentry & Grafana

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